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Ola Curnan Team Sea-Doo Maui on Waterman Unlimited Products



Grant Dawson somewhere in the South Pacific

Our boat sleds are custom designed to fit your transom. They add functionality and safety to your boat with minimum weight or drag. We make sleds to fit boats with inboard or outboard motors. They come with multiple handles and attachment points. Allow 12 weeks for delivery.


Waterman Unlimited products are fabricated from heavy-duty, military-grade, double wall PVC material strong enough to bounce off rocks, yet comfortable enough for long rides and much safer for victims.

Inside each product, thousands of high-tech “cilia” anchor the deck to the bottom, allowing for superior rigidity as well as custom rockers for better performance.

The 30 percent thicker cilia provide more strength.

Team Livestrong and the Kukio escort boat with twin outboards.

Escorting a stand-up paddler or a crew in a canoe can be an exciting and at the same time, a harrowing experience. The boat needs to approach the paddler or paddlers, with extreme caution and precision. The expertise of the boat driver will determine how safe his paddlers are.

With this in mind, Todd Bradley, an experienced waterman skilled in paddling, surfing, and sailing, included over 40 years of his own personal knowledge of close calls and the difficulty of getting in escort boats, created the idea behind his own products.

Agile, flexible, and much safer for open ocean changes.

Also, having friends not only badly hurt, but even killed by boat propellers, led him to design the Waterman Unlimited custom boat sled. These unique patented, one-of-a-kind custom boat safety sleds, are the result of groundbreaking work with inflatable stand-up paddleboards and rescue equipment.

Utilizing Waterman Unlimited proprietary, state-of-the-art inflatable construction, he enlisted the help of international water safety and jet ski rescue experts Brian Keaulana and Archie Kalepa. Bradley included his 43 years of paddling and ocean experience, to redefine and perfect the idea of using the jet ski sled concept for boat sleds.

Custom boat sled for this twin outboard.

Using boat sleds as tools in the rough and unforgiving waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.

The Boat sleds create a platform behind the escort vessel for safe, easy access in and out of the water and on to the boat. It lightens the worry of props or keeping the paddlers away from the props on the engine. It also retains the horsepower of the boat, keeping maneuverability to the specifics of the escort boat.

All Waterman Unlimited Boat Sleds and products are fabricated from heavy-duty, high-tech composite fibers that anchor on the deck to the bottom, allowing for superior rigidity under high pressure.

A rough-and-ready surf/paddle/rescue tool that is pliant enough to bounce off rocks, yet still deliver hard product performance and reliability.

All boats are different so building each sled to custom fit the boat’s configuration is important if the sleds are going to effectively perform.

– Designed for safety, portability, durability, and performance.

– Tested, approved and used by US Navy, Fire Depts., lifeguards, major canoe clubs, Hollywood stuntmen, and commercial divers and salvage professionals.

– Deflates easily for storage. Includes uses hand or quick inflation electric pump.

– Sled is semi-soft but rigid, lightweight, but super durable, only sold in light colors to avoid heat exposure and burns.

– Fast and efficient through the water behind the boat in the roughest conditions due to the proprietary dimpled skin.

– The outline and the rocker are carefully custom calibrated and designed to your boat to work in harmony with the sleds pattern to create a straight flowing sled in all conditions. This means the sled is energized with your hull and pops out of tight spots at all speeds.

– Ergonomically welded, skeletal-structured hard and webbed handles are included for safe and comfortable gripping without pinching fingers.

– Heavy-duty, military-quality construction double thickness PVC with UV resistant coatings and rubber side bumpers.

– Heavy duty stainless steel D-ring attachments for accessories, tie downs, and unlimited usage.

– Inflates and deflates quickly and rolls up for easy storage and portability yet when inflated is stiff and stable in all water conditions.

– Dimensions and sizes are all custom made for your boat so that each sled offers the performance and the safety you need.

Waterman Unlimited Boat Sleds

We also design and manufacture floating docks and super yacht accessories built with drop stitch technology.

Well equipped superyacht
inflatable dock
Inflatable dock
Inflatable PWC bay
Inflatable PWC bay dock
Twin PWC slot inflatable boat sled
Twin PWC slot inflatable boat sled

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