Custom Built Inflatable Drop Stitch Products

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Waterman Unlimited specializes in custom built and designed Drop Stitch Inflatable Products, designed in Hawaii, USA. WU works designing specialty products for Fire & Ocean Rescue, Military, NASA, Ocean Surf  Rescue boards, Boat sleds. All products are built to customer’s specialized designs in the strictest confidentiality. Prototyping, low minimums, and low prices.

Super Yacht Custom Inflatable Products
Inflatable Sea Pools,
Inflatable Jet Ski Docks
Inflatable Special Fendering Systems
Inflatable Jet ski PWC Rescue Sleds

Inflatable Jet Ski PWC Fishing sleds
InflatableCustom Boat Sleds
Inflatable PWC Rescue Tube sleds
Inflatable Swift Water Rescue
Inflatable Ocean Rescue
Inflatable Tow in Surfing Sleds

Inflatable Sleds
Inflatable Ice Rescue
Inflatable Custom Surf rescue boards
Inflatable Swim Platforms
Drop Stitch inflatable products Designed in USA