Who is WU?

ON THE OCEAN, in extreme conditions, TRUST YOU HAVE THE BEST

Founded by Todd Bradley, Waterman Unlimited is an offshoot of C4 Waterman, the first dedicated stand-up paddleboard company and pioneer of inflatable rescue equipment technology which Todd and his partners sold in 2014.

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Todd lives what he loves and wastes no time in doing so. Balancing family life with a highly successful career in brand-building, sales, and marketing, he somehow managed to reach elite levels in a slew of sports, particularly, canoe paddling, surfing, stand-up paddling (SUP), and assisting in elite athlete coaching, and training Jet Ski ocean safety.  His passion and energy are huge driving forces behind Waterman Unlimited, a brand focused on exploring the waterman lifestyle and innovating ocean safety equipment. He was the mad scientist behind the meteoric rise of SUP as a sport and is now branching out, innovating many of the tools watermen use every day.  Bradley’s design capabilities and real-world experience are reflected in the simple elegance of Waterman Unlimited products and training.

Todd has more than 40 years of ocean experience in such areas as Hawaiian outrigger canoeing, canoe surfing, surfing, SUP, body surfing, paddle board racing, competitive sailing, tow surfing, and hydro foiling, just to name a few.  He reflects his creed of “No single piece of equipment defines us the ocean does.”   He has 21 OC-6 State Regatta division championships. He is 2005 Quiksilver Molokai-to-Oahu Stand-up Paddle Champion, 1993 Maui-to-Oahu Outrigger Canoe Sailing Champion, 2000/2002 Quiksilver Molokai-to-Oahu Open Ocean Paddle Board Racing Champion, 2000/2001/2002 Master Champion, among other awards and accolades.

Todd and his group of fellow Waterman, possess unique traits and live each day designing and testing quality products that support water safety, for example, custom inflatable boat sleds, jet ski collars, and jet ski rescue sleds.  As a brand, Waterman Unlimited is a hotbed of innovation.